Library day in the life

51fGmKx5wfLRound 5 of the Library Day in the Life project is under way and a lass in libraryland almost missed it! Unfortunately there is little for our library explorer to blog this week as she is currently enjoying a month long annual leave fest… however she would recommend you take a peek at the blogs of other participants and see what has been happening in libraryland whilst she has had her feet up…


Our hero breakfasted with the outlaw and proceeded to the nearest stately home with said house guest, where a rather fine bread bin was spotted and plans laid to snuffle out an online bargain.


ALIL rose far earlier than is sightly during a period of annual leave and prepared house guest for mid-morning departure.  Remainder of day was spent drinking tea emersed in the joys of Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda.


Despite best laid plans involving much activity and cleaning ALIL spent the day hanging with the Scarpakittens, watching Mansfield Park followed by Howards End and catching up with the adventures of Belinda and her Lady Delacour.


Activity resumed and a lass in libraryland’s kitchen received much attention: drawers cleaned and ordered, cupboards rationalised and sorted and a shiny new bread bin given pride of place. New promotional cards for ALIL’s library website arrived from Moo, causing much excitement and handclapping. Following a rather unsavory episode involving a Scarpakitten and a dead fledgling ALIL heeded the call of Ms Portman and returned to the 1800s.


Unfortunately the call of the 1800s had refused to retreat until the early hours and ALIL awoke rather worse for wear.  In her jaded state our hero checked her work emails (annual leave sin No.1) to discover with much joy that she finally has a new assistant confirmed for September.  In celebration she closes her work email down with the promise not to peek again until the end of August and settles down with a nice cuppa and the new issue of Update.


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