Something old, something new

4DQQ000ZA lass in libraryland is in the process of recruiting a new assistant, the current postholder is retiring having worked in libraryland for three years.

The post has been reduced to term time only (economy, economy, economy) and totals fifteen hours a week over five weekdays.  ALIL has had to fill this post a number of times over the last decade (in various guises) having seen permanent and temporary staff come and go.

The process of receiving applications, shortlisting and interviewing is something she enjoys – she never ceases to be amazed by the wide range of people who apply and how different people are in the flesh to how she imagined them when scoring their application.

However making the final decision brings her out in a cold sweat. How so?

What if she makes the wrong decision? How can a lass really know how someone is going to pan out until the day they start? Interview score system or not you don’t always get a clear idea of how someone will be to work with or how they will interact with users in the snap shot that is the interview process.

In a larger team ALIL wouldn’t bother to break a sweat (let alone a cold one) but she knows from bitter experience that a small team (of two) is a different kettle of fish.

Oh dear me how…

…a lass in libraryland has therefore decided to go with the flow, enjoy the process and see what interview day brings… after all whoever she hires will be in the same boat, so lets at least try and leave the harbour with full sails and a gentle hand on the tiller…


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