A babe in the wood

A Lass in Libraryland thinks it is probably time to review her experiences in the world know as 2.0 and how their use has affected her work-a-day world.

120px-Aiga_toiletsq_women_inv_svgALIL originally intended to do a bit of professional tweeting (finally being encouraged into action as a result of an article by Phil Bradley in the April ’09 issue of Update), the initial wish simply to make contact with other library professionals hanging out in the libraryland cloud.  However, having taken those first few steps into the Twitterverse ALIL was propelled headfirst into the wider world of web 2.0.

Since ALIL started this blog back in March 2009 she has found herself exploring and getting to grips with a number of 2.0 tools, almost a year has passed and she finds herself with two online identities, two blogs, two domain names, an iphone, apps, contributing to wikis, three Twitter accounts, a Netvibes page, a Tumblr page, need we go on?

So the question we must ask is has ALIL found her wonderings in 2.0 world useful? And have they altered the way she works?

The simple answers are yes and yes!  From being a simple Tweeter ALIL has become much more confident with the tools that are out there and is not scared to try out new ones.  On both a personal and professional level she is finding many uses for the 2.0 tools which she has stumbled across and is finding that they are altering the way she works on a daily basis.  Her library users are much more informed and her ability to communicate with them is faster and much more interactive.

To be blunt A Lass in Libraryland can’t remember what life and work were like before that fateful day back in March when she first dipped her toe into the pool known as 2.0… little did she know it would turn out to be an ocean!


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