The devil is in the detail

rssSometime ago a lass in libraryland found herself trawling the app store for interesting free toys to add to her iTouch and stumbled across Free RSS Reader. She downloaded the said app and added the feed URLs of a few libraryland Twits and hey presto instant feeds. The joy of not having to log onto a computer to check feeds was a real plus and saved ALIL lots of time.However the time it took to add new feeds caused ALIL much frustration – having to remember URLs and enter them into the app manually quickly became a chore…

Then as if by magic Apple released the OS 3.0 software update and all of a sudden the app was transformed from a useful tool to a ‘can’t do without’ necessity – a simple cut and paste and new feeds could be added in seconds.

Now ALIL is not only up-to-date with all the blogs she reads but can add new blogs in a trice.

If you haven’t already got the Free RSS Reader app or 3.0 update on your iTool of choice (which ALIL knows is highly unlikely, being an up-to-date streetwise, informed bunch) then ALIL would recommend immediate action to rectify this oversight…


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