A lass in libraryland has been twittering for a number of weeks… tweeting, following and exploring. Her facebook account stands neglected and alone, hersocial network forgotten and abandoned.

How was she to know Twitter would be so addictive, so useful? She entered innocently enough expecting not to get the point and for her interest to fizzle out in a few days or weeks… and perhaps if her sole use of Twitter was social this might have been the case. What she discovered was a professional peephole.

Imagine a virtual place where you can see what other library professionals are doing, at any time of day or night, a place where you can tap someone on the shoulder and ask them a question and get multiple responses in an instant. Imagine a place where you can dip in and out at will, from anywhere… a place of serendipitous discoveries.

Now a lass in libraryland has started a library twitter, hoping to engage her users with instant updates on what, how and where… her twits currently total eight, none of which fall into the category of students or staff… she feels a marketing blitz coming on.


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